A chronologic timeline of Emily’s experience and skills.

June 2014 – The end of an Era: Graduated from Edison High School

 During high school, you could most definitely catch me scurrying across campus from one extracurricular to another with my tennis backpack, AP books, a never-ending lunch box and my trusty Nikon DSLR camera around my neck. I remember graduation as one of the happiest days of my life thus far — I did it mom & dad!

August 2014 – A New Chapter

St. John’s University in Queens, New York

While living across the country in one of the liveliest metropolitan cities, I experienced a true coming of age. New York City gave me a taste of what it meant to be “an adult in the real world.” I fell in love with the towering skyscrapers, ethnic boroughs, throngs of diverse people and mentality for success — not even the weather can deter my admiration for the city. While in NYC, I became very interested in fashion, fitness and environmental sustainability. I had the opportunity to attend an intimate conversation with Daniel Silverstien, a pioneer in zero-waste fashion. In addition, I was the Vice-President of the SJU Earth Club. Our weekly meeting either focused on spreading awareness about worldwide environmental issues or harvesting crops from the campus garden. The most successful event was Earth Fest, hosting local environmentally conscious vendors and restaurants, with more than 2,500 students in attendance. Overall, NYC was a huge transition period as an individual, I became more comfortable with myself and visualized the steps I would need to take to reach my goals.

May 2015 – A Stepping Stone to The Next Adventure 

Orange Coast College (OCC), Costa Mesa, California: With these goals in mind, my first step was to return home to Orange County, California. Upon my return I immediately enrolled at Orange Coast College to complete the necessary general education classes for transfer. I utilized my time at OCC to experiment with different elective classes including graphic design, interpersonal communications and the history of rock and roll music. I also pushed myself out of my social comfort zone as the Associate Student Body’s Inter-Club Council Director of Communications and the eighth seat on the JV women’s crew team. I’ve met some very motivational.

December 2015 – Abroad and Alone

 Natural Vitality Pharmacy in Quito, Ecuador: I think my addiction to travel began during my trip to Ecuador that winter break. This was the first time traveling alone and applying the three years of high school Spanish (Mrs. Caballero would be proud). While in Ecuador I interned a Marketing Assistant at Natural Vitality, a pharmaceutical company focused on promoting organic vitamins. My day-to-day included collected data for corporate research, overseeing company branding throughout social media platforms and interacting with current and future consumers regarding healthy living. During the weekends, I explored cascading waterfalls in the rainforest, hiked volcanic mountain terrains and swung above the clouds on the “Top of the World.” Ecuador was an enriching experience as I integrated into the culture through the language and working within

May 2016 – Goal 1, check

I remember it coming home exhausted after my last final. To my surprise a package was waiting for me from the mail. Wow, the relief and joy I experienced when I read my acceptance letter from USC proved that patience and hard work does pay off.

Dear 2014 Emily, I achieved the first goal on your list.

August 2016 – HUSTLE.

University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles, California 

I can’t image another university that fits both my interests yet challenges me to be a better version of myself. I experienced what it’s like to be meet strict deadlines as a social media journalist for Annenberg Media. I also strengthened my verbal and writing skills as an account associate for TriSight Communications overseeing the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation account.

 December 2016 – January 20117 An Indian Dream

Alternative Winter Break, Sikar, India: I was fortunate to attend the AWB India trip to help foster a passion for knowledge among Indian children. I don’t have a background in teaching or social work, but I felt an internal calling to share my talents, learn about a new culture, and connect with new people. The overwhelming feeling of companionship and humility has continued to impact my life even after returning home. The volunteer trip to India helped me find a sense of purpose which I want to share with other students seeking a new meaning in their lives by helping others.



February 2017 — May 2017 – Lights. Camera. Fashion. 

   Harpers PR, West Hollywood, Los Angeles 

   Questie Fashion App, Los Angeles

Amid vanguard lectures and authentic extracurricular, I worked as the public relations and marketing associate at Harpers PR, a fashion PR showroom in West Hollywood. While at the company, I recruited new brands and clients, prepared monthly invoices, garnered media impressions and oversaw the company’s social media. I also had the opportunity to experience working for startup fashion app known as Questie. As the USC Questie Ambassador, I utilized the native platform to boost user engagement, contributed to a holiday gift guide campaign and collected data for marketing research.